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Soar Tシャツ Kerusso

Worries and anxiety can weigh you down. When you open the bank account on your mobile app and find out you don’t have enough money to pay the bills, that’s a weight. When you get a call from your doctor and the test results are the very thing you feared, anxiety can take hold of your mind, that’s a huge weight. 

But the good news is that the Holy Spirit can fill you with supernatural strength. The cares of this world don’t need to consume you and cause you to live in defeat. 

With Jesus, you can soar above the weights. You can come out on top and be the winner. Not only is this shirt a reminder to you that God is in control and provides strength when you need it, but it is also the perfect tool to share how Jesus can help others soar above their problems and situation


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洗濯に強く 型崩れ、色落ちしにくいです。
日本製に無い 鮮やかな色合いです。
脇に縫い目の無いシームレスタイプですので 着心地抜群です!!

1〜2枚お買い上げの場合は クリックポストか、レターパックライトのご利用がおすすめです(^o^)
商品コード : APT2349
価格 : 2,320円(税込)
ポイント : 69
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